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Rey 5 7SR51 Feeder Management Protection Relay


Siemens Reyrolle

Compact design with withdrawable module

  • IEC 61850 Edition 1 & 2 with HSR, PRP and RSTP operation for increased availability
  • Simple product ordering; Combined 1 A and 5 A current transformer inputs
  • 28 programmable tri‑colour LEDs for clear indications
  • Conformal coating ordering option
  • Wide range of protection and monitoring functionality as standard

      Multi-function digital transducer with 3 analogue outputs for single-phase, split-phase and 3 or 4-wire balanced or unbalanced three-phase networks Quantities measured: Vac, Uac, Iac, P, Q, S, F, PF, phi, Cos phi, Tan phi, phiU, phiV Accuracy: Class 0.1 Voltage inputs: 480 (ph-ph) 1 MV (ph-ph) maximum primary voltage measured Current input: 1 A and 5 A 40,000 A maximum primary current measured Ratings of analogue outputs