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Protection Relays


Argus C 7SR11/12 Feeder Protection Relay 7SR11 and 7SR12 Argus Catalogue Sheet.PDF
7SR11 and 7SR12 – Argus Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Argus M 7SR21/22 Feeder Protection Relay 7SR21 and 7SR22 Argus Catalogue Sheet.PDF
7SR21 and 7SR22 – Argus Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Argus 7SR224 Feeder Protection Relay ARGUS 7SR224 Catalogue Sheet.pdf
ARGUS 7SR224 Complete Technical Manual.pdf
Argus 7SR45 Feeder Protection Relay 7SR45 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
7SR45 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Argus 7SR157 Synchronism Check Relay 7SR157 Argus Catalogue Sheet.PDF
7SR157 Argus Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Argus 7SR158 Mains Monitoring Protection Relay ARGUS 7SR158 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
ARGUS 7SR158 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
CAPA 7SR191 Shunt Capacitor Bank Protection Relay CAPA 7SR191 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
CAPA 7SR191 Technical Manual.PDF
DAD 7SR23 High Impedance Differential Protection DAD 7SR23 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
DAD 7SR23 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Duobias 7SR242 Transformer Protection Relay Duobias 7SR242 Flyer.PDF
Duobias 7SR242 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
Duobias 7SR242 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
RHO C 7SR17 Motor Protection Relay RHO C 7SR17 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
RHO C 7SR17 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
RMS 2V73 High Impedance Differential Protection 2V73 Technical Bulletin.PDF
2V73 User Guide.PDF
2V73 Setting Guide.PDF
Solkor N 7SG18 Feeder Differential Protection Relay Solkor N 7SG18 Catalogue Sheet.PDF
Solkor N 7SG18 Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Solkor R/RF Pilot Wire Differential Protection Relay Solkor R/RF Brochure.PDF
Solkor R/RF Complete Technical Manual.PDF
Voltage Regulators
SuperTAPP SG Transformer Voltage Regulator SuperTAPP SG Brochure.PDF
RMS 2V164 Transformer Voltage Regulator RMS 2V164-S Brochure.PDF
Auxiliary Relays - Protection Panel Mount
Alpha TR High Speed Tripping Relay RMS Alpha TR Brochure.PDF
Alpha AR High Performance Auxiliary Relay RMS Alpha AR.PDF
Alpha XR Supervision Relays RMS Alpha XR Brochure.PDF
6R Matrix Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision Relays RMS 6R Matrix Brochure.PDF
Delta ARD High Performance Auxiliary Relay Delta ARD4 Brochure.PDF
Delta TRD High Speed Tripping Relay Delta TRD4 Brochure.PDF
Delta XRD Supervision Relay Delta XRD Brochure.PDF
Auxiliary Relays - Heavy Duty & General Purpose Plug-in
BD Relays Bi-stable latching plug-in relay BD Relays Brochure Download.PDF
CU-B/C Relays Heavy Duty Safety Critical Plug-in Relay CU-B/C Relays Brochure Download.PDF
D Relays Heavy Duty Plug-in Relay D Relays Brochure Download.PDF
D8-UL Relays Heavy Duty plug-in relay D8-UL Relays Brochure Download.PDF
G Relays General Purpose 8 or 11 Pin Plug-in Relay G Series Brochure Download.PDF
KDN Relays Bi-stable latching plug-in relay KDN Relays Brochure Download.PDF
M Relays General Purpose Miniature Plug-in Relay M Series Brochure Download.PDF
MTDV4 Relays Measuring and Monitoring Plug-in Relay MTDV4 Brochure Download.PDF
TDB4 Relays Heavy Duty Plug-in Timer Relay TDB4 Relays Brochure Download.PDF
TDDB Relays Heavy Duty Plug-in Timer Relay TDDB Relays Brochure Download.PDF
UMD Relays Measuring and monitoring plug-in relay UMD Relays Brochure Download.PDF
XT-17M-C3 Relays General Purpose Multifunction Time Relay XT-17M-C3 Relays Brochure Download.PDF
Arc Fault Relays
RMS 1S20 Arc Fault Relay RMS 1S20 Product Brochure.PDF
RMS 1S23 Arc Fault Relay RMS 1S23 Product Brochure.PDF
RMS 1S24 Arc Fault Relay RMS 1S24 Product Brochure.PDF
RMS 1S25 Arc Fault Relay RMS 1S25 Product Brochure.PDF
WAP Window Annunciator Panel WAP – Window Annunciator Panel Brochure.PDF
LAB Fault Annunciator LAB – Annunciator Datasheet.PDF
SSM Series Fault Annunciator SSM-Series-Annunciators-Datasheet.PDF
FSM Fault Annunciator FSM Fault Annunciator Datasheet.PDF
BSM Fault Annunciator BSM – Fault Annunciator Datasheet.PDF
USM Fault Annunciator USM – Fault Annunciator Datasheet.PDF

Substation Automation

Industrial Ethernet
iMC4 Ethernet Converter iMC4 Data Sheet.PDF
iES12GP Managed Ethernet Switch iES12GP Data Sheet.PDF
iDS24GF Managed Ethernet Switch iDS24GF Data Sheet.PDF
iES10G GF Managed Ethernet Switch iES10G GF Data Sheet.PDF
iES28TG Gigabit Switch iES28TG Data Sheet.PDF
iES20GF Managed Ethernet Switch iES20GF Data Sheet.PDF
iRBX6GF HSR / PRP Redundancy Box iRBX6GF Data Sheet.PDF
Enterprise Software
Yukon IMS IED Manager Suite Yukon IMS Brochure.PDF
Yukon Guideform Spec.PDF
Yukon YFA Feeder Automation Software Yukon Feeder Automation.PDF
Yukon VVC Volt-Var Control Application Software Yukon VVC Brochure.PDF
SCADA Software


Energy Management Meters
Enerium 300 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium 300 Brochure.PDF
Enerium 200 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium Range.PDF
Enerium 150 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium Range.PDF
Enerium 100 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium Range.PDF
Enerium 50 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium Range.PDF
Enerium 30 Energy & Power Quality Meter Enerium 30 Brochure.PDF
Memo 4 Energy Meter
Submeter Ulys Range.PDF
Ulys Memo.pdf
MAP 607 Power Quality Analyzer Map Range Brochure.PDF
MAP 610 Power Quality Analyzer Map Range Brochure.PDF
MAP 620 Power Quality Analyzer Map Range Brochure.PDF
MAP 640 Power Quality Analyzer Map Range Brochure.PDF
MAP Compact Power Quality Analyzer Map Range Brochure.PDF
TriadJust2 TRIAD Transducer Configuration Software TriadJust2 Software Brochure.PDF
TriadJust2 Reference Manual.pdf
Eset EView+ Enerium Meter Configuration and Display Software Eset Eview+ Brochure.PDF
Eset Eview+ Reference Manual.pdf
E Qual Premium User Guide E Qual User Guide.pdf
MAP 600 Software PQ User Guide Qual View User Guide.pdf