SMP4DP Substation Communication Gateway
SMP4DP Substation Communication Gateway

Substation Gateways and RTU's

The SMP 4/DP is part of the SMP Gateway family. It is a substation-grade gateway designed to integrate both existing and new RTUs, IEDs, PLCs and control centers into a single homogeneous automation system. The SMP 4/DP supports all the basic functions of the SMP Gateway in a compact and economical packaging.

The SMP 4/DP Distribution Processor provides the following functions:
  • Extracts and concentrates data from any device, regardless of protocol
  • Sends data to SCADA, control centers, and any other centralized management applications
  • Automates data processing and device control
  • Provides secure remote access to any device
  • Future-proof your Smart Grid — facilitates upgrades for security, protocol, or other improvements