TDDB Relays
TDDB Relays

TDDB Relays
Heavy Duty Plug-in Timer Relay

Plug-in industrial electronic timer relay with two instantaneous change-over contacts and two time delayed change-over contacts. When the relay is activated there is a delay on pull-in for the time delayed contacts. The delay time is adjustable with a lockable knob. The relay can also be supplied with a fixed time delay (no knob). The relay is equipped with two LEDs to indicate presence of power supply and energizing of the coil.

  • Time delay and instantaneous relay
  • Compact plug-in design
  • 2 C/O contacts with delay on pull-in and 2 C/O instantaneous contacts
  • Delay time adjustable with a lockable knob
  • Also available with fixed time delay (no knob)
  • Suitable for DC and AC input (50/60 Hz)
  • Two LEDs for status indication
  • Flat, square and silver plated relay pins for excellent socket connection
  • Integrated snap lock
  • Optional positive mechanical keying relay to socket