CU-B/C Relays
CU-B/C Relays

CU-B/C Relays
Heavy Duty Safety Critical Plug-in Relay

Miniature industrial relay with two change-over contacts. Equipped with magnetic arc blow-out for higher contact life. The contacts are weld-notransfer contacts: they are mechanically forced in the same position. Relay for plug-in mounting (CU version) or for PCB mounting (CP version).

  • Miniature plug-in / PCB relay
  • Instantaneous 2 C/O contacts
  • Weld-no-transfer contacts
  • Magnetic arc blow-out
  • Optional built-in LED (red or green colour)
  • Suitable for AC or DC voltage
  • Flat, square and tin plated relay pins  for excellent socket connection /  PCB mounting pins
  • Wide range sockets
  • Transparent cover
  • Optional positive mechanical keying relay to socket