BD Relays
BD Relays

BD Relays
Bi-stable latching plug-in relay

Plug-in industrial bistable power relay with three change-over contacts and one normally closed contact. The contacts remain in the last powered position. Bistable by means of a permanent magnet. Optionally equipped with magnetic arc blow-out and double make/double break contacts for high breaking capacity and long contact life.

  • Latching (bistable) relay
  • Compact plug-in design
  • 2 combined coils
  • 3 C/O contacts and 1 N/C contact
  • Flat, square silver plated relay pins for excellent socket connection
  • Wide range of sockets for panel, rack or 35 mm rail
  • Integrated snap-lock
  • High DC breaking capacity
  • Solve-All relay application concept
  • Optional positive mechanical keying relay to socket
  • Optional mechanical on/off position indicator
  • Optional back EMF suppression diode (DC versions)
  • Flexibility by many options