RMS 1S25
RMS 1S25

RMS 1S25
Arc Fault Relay

RMS 1S25 is a panel mount 4-zone arc fault relay for the protection of metal clad switchgear.

  • Four independent arc fault tripping zones
  • 1 or 2 arc fault sensors per zone allowing up to 8 arc fault sensors per 1S25 module
  • Trip indication LED for each arc fault monitoring zone
  • Non volatile memory ensures last recorded alarm states are restored on power up
  • Nine (9) high speed arc fault tripping duty output contacts (Set for latching or self reset)
  • Zone segregated or common tripping output configuration
  • Continuous arc sensor supervision with sensor fail LED for each zone
  • Wide range status input to block arc fault monitoring
  • Front panel reset button & status input
  • Self supervision watchdog with healthy LED & alarm contact
  • Built in test sequence
  • Wide range auxiliary supply